Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We've been duped


Our house, and I'm pretty sure any house with two nearly three year olds, is all about routines. One of our routines nearly every morning is putting Prayer Bear into one of our chairs, and then tucking him in for the day. Each day, we remind Morgan that Prayer Bear (#2) will be there for her nap.

We've been so secretly pleased with ourselves that we've pulled off this gig - letting the girl think that her one magical Prayer Bear could teleport itself from home to school...almost magically.

Tonight when the kids got home from work, Randy told Morgan to go get Prayer Bear.


Morgan: "I missed you, Prayer Bear!"

Daddy: "Morgan, didn't you just see Prayer Bear at nap time at school?"

Morgan: "No, Daddy, that was my other Prayer Bear."

At this point, I looked at Randy. "Did you just hear what she said?"

Daddy: "Morgan, how many Prayer Bears do you have?"

Morgan: "I have two Prayer Bears, Daddy."

I'm telling you, This One, THIS ONE is going to give us problems.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

How did you miss it all this time?

Laurie said...

Yeah, our George switcheroo wasn't the big pull-the-wool-over-his-eyes that I thought it was.

These kids are dangerous!