Friday, October 06, 2006

Something's Missing

Tonight was bath night. After daddy wraps them up in their towels, the kids are sent out to be diapered and PJ by me. Tanner was first out tonight, and Morgan was close on his heels.

Morgan watached as I started to put Tanner's diaper on. It was slowed down by the fact that I was fighting an ingrown toenail, and she squatted down to examine his penis closely. She cocked her head from side to side and studied it intently.

As I started to put his diaper on, she stood up, bent over at the waist and started looking at herself... She'd squat a little, look closer, spread her legs, and examine even a little harder. I'm guessing she noticed that something was missing.

(She's going to kill me when she gets older.)


Laurie said... cute! She is TOTALLY going to kill you when she gets older!

Kim said...

Oh, yeah, she is definitely going to kill you, but, man, that was funny!