Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Busy, Busy Week

It's been a busy, busy week. I was in Denver for work last week - and before you ask, no the snow really wasn't that bad. Yes, there was about 8" of wet, wet snow that came down fast and furiously. But, for the most part, it came and it went, and the roads were fine for the afternoon drive to the airport.

It seems like the kids had a good time while I was's the story in pictures.

Grandma got here last Thursday. On Friday afternoon, Morgan learned to blow bubbles.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Grandma decided to try potty training. It was a valant effort, but not much success. However, Morgan did make a stinky in the potty late this afternoon - and she was very excited by the whole tube of M&Ms that she earned.

We've talked to the daycare, and they'll continue to work with both kids when they return to school next week.

While I was gone, they had plenty of fun doing the routine stuff with Grandma, including taking baths:

And, when Grandpa got here on Thursday, he was hauling Rufus with him. Rufus is a wooden horse that Aunt Sherry had started for them a LONG time ago. Grandma finished it up, and Grandpa transported him. The kids figured out a way to share the horse. (This is one of my new all time favorite pictures, too.)

I made it home just in time for the school halloween costume party. I'm judging these costumes a success since most people knew what they were supposed to be (especially when they were together).

And, today was really the FUN day for our family. Both sets of Grandparents were here. We started the day at the Deanna Rose Farmstead - a great old farmstead that a neighboring city has set up. It's FREE to the public and very wheelchair friendly. So, it made for a great early morning trip.

Then we came home, and the fun really began. This was Tanner & Morgan's FIRST pumpkin carving. Now, Grandma Crazy Woman (appropriately named) believes in doing things the fun way. And, if you are going to carve pumpkins, you have to get in the spirit. She did so by bringing funky hats for everyone - and a silly ghost that the kids danced with (to the song "I Want Candy").

Then, the fun began. Here is Morgan when she first sees the "guts" of the pumpkin.

Helping Grandma Crazy take out the guts:

All four participants:

Helping Grandma Z:

(Yes, we spent most of the afternoon only seeing Morgan's hat.)

Playing in the pumpkin guts:

Pleased with the results

Tanner & Morgan with their first Jack-O-Laterns:

Happy Halloween!


Laurie said...

So much fun! Anthony was LESS than interested in pumpkin carving.

Tonya said...

looked like a great week and love the story with pictures :) The kids are so adorable and seeing the grandma's together with them is just priceless! Glad you had a safe trip back!!

Anonymous said...

A couple potty training tips.

Tell them that if they go potty on the potty that one of their favorite tv characters is going to call them (have a family member call when you tell them to call).

you have the rewards thing down thats for sure.

tell them that diapers are for babies (if they want to be big kids. if they dont want to be big kids, dont tell them that).

tell them the potty fairy will come if they are dry all day and will drop them off a present. (these are actual tips from the potty training master of our family)

whenever they go potty, have them wear actual underpants with a plastic cover over them just in case.

last but not least, DO NOT get mad at them if they have an accident!

Billie said...

Happy Halloween. SUCH cute pictures! The one with the wooden horse is one of my new favorites too:)