Sunday, May 28, 2006

Summer Time

To me, summer has always been bookended by Memorial Day and Labor Day. Maybe that is because those roughly corresponded with the end and beginning of school - or maybe because they so closely reflected the gradual warming to the summer's searing temperatures. Either way...this weekend was the kick off to summer.

So, to welcome summer, we pulled out the pool from last year. You know, those little inflatable ones that are $8 from Wal-Mart. We packed it up with us to take to Iowa this weekend since the forecast was 90 F. HOT. So we went, prepared.

Today, the forecast was right on. Daddy got the pool out this morning and spent the better part of the morning figuring out how to patch the hole in the bottom of the pool. But, he was successful, and the kids got to spend about 45 minutes outside after nap playing in the pool.

For fun - here's a picture of the kids last year about this time, in the same pool.

And, this year....

We have a little game we usually play with Tanner were we tease him about eating his "yucky toes" - he then promptly sticks them in his mouth, and giggles madly. Here they both are participating in the fun:

Morgan then got the bright idea that she could jump in the pool - much likes she likes to jump on the sofa - by jumping up and then pulling her feet out from beneath her:

It didn't take Tanner long to figure out that he did not want to be a part of this game:

I think we may have to invest in a larger pool for the rest of the summer....or at least something with higher sides.

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Laurie said...

Did the concrete below not hurt Morgan's bum? OUCH! It's great to see them having so much fun! Get a bigger pool! Or a second one! :)