Monday, May 01, 2006

My rant & rage

Well, the twins birthday has come and gone....I can't believe that my babies are 2 years old already. Or, how far they've really come. Born at a whopping 2 lb 3 oz, they are about 23.5 pounds now (Morgan weighs 1/2 pound more than Tanner). At birth, 13" - now they are about 33". So BIG.

I promise to post a happy post about the birthday soon, but right now I'm dwelling on the not good. What really sucks and makes me the most mad this all goes back to my mom & dad's car accident from shortly after the kid's birth. My mom is a T3 (I think) parapalegic from that accident - she basically can't feel anything from the breast bone down. Now, thank goodness she has movement in her arms and stuff, but that's about it. So, this means that she doesn't know when she needs to urinate - so she has a catheter to take care of the urine. This works fine - most of the time. But, yesterday her leg bag (for the catheter) got too full and the leaked. So, she had to go home much earlier than we had originally planned so that she could change clothes and so much.

It makse me really sad that mom couldn't spend the day with us. We don't get to see her that often, and when we do, it's still not the same. Instead of going out and doing things - we hang around the house. It's all fine - it's just not the SAME. I miss going shopping with my mom - going out and doing fun things. I hate the fact that my kids won't get to know that grandma - the one who would have come down and taken them off our hands for a few hours here and there.

And, when I start thinking like that, it makes me very angry. I don't think there was any justice in the way that the kid was treated after the accident. He completely changed my mom & dad's life - and he never spent a day in prison. I know it was an accident, but the accident could have been avoided if he hadn't been out drinking the night before, he wasn't still hung over, and he had gotten any sleep. And, why can't he at least apologize. He didn't just completely put mom & dad's life in upheaval - but he screwed with all of our lifes as well. I hope he thinks about it everyday - I hope when he sees his mom playing with his kids - that he realizes my mom doesn't get to play with my kids. I hope there is a special kind of punishment for him somewhere down the line...

I am GRATEFUL that my mom still has the use of her arms. She is so incredibly talented, and at least she still has this creative outlet. Since we needed an egg free birthday cake, Grandma made it. And, since our current favorite thing as a 2 year old is Elmo...this was the end result.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Now, since the head and fish are 100% sugar, we decided not to let the kids eat it. But, I couldn't bring myself to throw it away after all that hard work. So, we now have a decapitated Elmo & a fish residing in our freezer.

Thanks, Grandma. We love you.

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