Monday, May 22, 2006

Not a Drop Left

Randy & I can be not the most attentive parents. I think it comes from all of those years as being DINKs (Double Income No Kids). We're used to doing something without the disruption that two two-year-olds brings.

On Sunday, after doing a big Target shopping trip, we returned home right around lunch time. The kids needed to eat lunch, and we had food that needed unloaded. So, we started the kids on the oh-so-healthy Kids Cuisine meal that consisted of Taco Chips, little burritos, and cheesy sauce to dip it in. I added some applesauce for some redeaming nutritional value.

Then we started unpacking. We were in the kitchen - right we could hear, and we were loosly watching them while unpacking the bags. And, then I went to the table to check a little closer.

This is what I found....

And, I think he was quite proud of himself.

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Laurie said...

He's such a little dude! I'm still in awe at how far the two utes have come! Kiss both of them for me, please!