Friday, May 19, 2006

A Beautiful Spring Afternoon

Yesterday afternoon, I left work 20 minutes early and went home to my kids. Now, I usually get off at 4 p.m. - so I was home by 3:45. Within about 20 seconds of walking in the door, Morgan had her shoes in hand, and was bringing them to me "outside?" she asked with a hopeful smile on her face.

How could I tell her no - even though I was tired and really just wanted to sit in the recliner and relax? So, I told her "you need some socks to put on your shoes", and my little girl tore off to her bedroom saying "I need some socks, I need some socks" (notice her use of pronouns!). Thirty seconds later she was back with socks. Thirty seconds after that, her brother had brought me his shoes and socks, too.

It was a beautiful, quiet May afternoon. Seventy degrees, sun shining overhead, a slight wind rustling the tree leaves, and birds singing and chirping. The peace interrupted only by the occasional barking dog.

And we swang. Well, "we" didn't - they swang while mommy pushed them. I got to see the looks of pure joy on their little faces with the gentle back and forth motion. A smile that lit up their eyes - sparkling with the joy of being two. I didn't grab the camera, I absorbed the moment into my mind.

After about twenty minutes of swinging, Tanner was done. He wandered around our posh play area and was soon asking me for "more". Finally, I coaxed him into showing me what "more" meant, since I couldn't figure it out on my own. He wanted the bubbles.

As soon as the bubbles were out, Morgan was all done. She wanted in on the action. For another forty minutes, I blew bubbles while my children "ohhhh", "ahhhh", and "weee" at the delightful soap bubbles. They would chase after the bubbles until the were out of reach - or reach for the bubbles and then flinch as the bubbles would go POOF in their face. Smiles slyly returning as they would yell "POP". I too took the time to marvel at the little bubbles - watching them join together occasionally, or seing a twin bubble go by. Oogling the way that you could see the tension in the bubble and the swirl in the surface.

Many times in the rush of they day, I forget to take the time out to enjoy the little moments. They will only be two for a year. I get to experience twice the fun, and the joy of twins, but I only get to experience that unfound joy and the marvel in a child's eye one time. Unlike parents of singletons, I don't get to experience with my first child - and then appreciate it again a few years later as they get older. I only get to do that one time - so I figure I need to make sure I soak it all in while I can.

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