Saturday, April 15, 2006

Things to Remember Part I

1. We've recently started watching Sesame Street in the morning. Now, whenever Morgan wants to see Sesame Street, she comes to us, begging, saying "Street", "Street". She hasn't picked up the Sesame part.

2. We bought a used Castle today for $20. Such a bargain when they are $350 new (it did cost another $26 to rent a Home Depot truck so that we could actually get it home). The kids LOVE it, especially Tanner. After unloading it, we let the kids play in it for about 5 - 10 minutes before we returned the rented truck to Home Depot. I actually had to crawl into the Castle to drag Tanner out of it (kicking & screaming).

3. Proof that she can show affection....while in Target last night, Tanner briefly disappeared out of Morgan's sight. Whenever he does this, and we are out in public, all you hear is her little voice going "Tan-ner", "Tan-ner".

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