Monday, April 24, 2006

Our Second Worthy Cause

Every day 1 in 8 babies born in the U.S. arrives too soon. Premature birth can happen to any pregnant woman, and no one knows why. It is a serious, common and costly problem. The March of Dimes is leading the campaign to reduce premature birth by supporting research and by educating the public and health care providers.

In a little more than 2 weeks, Randy & I will be putting on our walking shoes, and walking in the March of Dimes walk here in Kansas City. I find it especially appropriate since Tanner & Morgan will be celebrating their 2nd birthday one week prior to this walk. Tanner & Morgan will be joining us in their double jogging stroller.

As most of you know, Tanner & Morgan were born 13 weeks too soon. At only 27 weeks gestation, they weighed in at 2 lb 3.1 oz & 2 lb 3.3 oz. Tanner was 13.25" long & Morgan was 12.5" long. So very, very tiny.

We've recently decided that this is an organization we want to actively support. Without March of Dimes, I may not have received some steroid shots the week before the kids were born. These steroid shots were given to me as a preventative measure "just in case" I went into labor. The steroid shots help develop the lungs of the baby while in utero. Due to these shots, neither or our kids ended up being on the ventilator.

Here's a link to our walksite...there is a picture of Randy holding Tanner & Morgan when they are three weeks old. I'll be adding a picture on this website soon that shows both kids with two dolls that were made to look & feel like they did at birth (size wise).

Please wish us well...taking care of our health has not been a top priority these last two years.

Mommy with her babies - May 19, 2004 - about 20 days old

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