Friday, April 14, 2006

My son, the model

Randy & I have gradually become aware of the fact that there are three "causes" that we would like to participating, spreading the good word, and doing whatever we can to help out.

One of those "causes" is the American Liver Foundation. Why? Biliary Atresia is a deadly disease. There are about 250 babies born each year with this disorder (1 in 16,000 or so). They do not know the cause of biliary atresia, yet it is the leading cause of liver transplant in children. And, while yes, Tanner no longer has BA because of his transplant, we've really traded one set of problems for another. But, there is no known cause...and until they know WHY something happens, they can't very well figure out a way to make it STOP happening. That's what we want - a cure for this disease.

So, last night, Tanner participated in the ALF's 4th Annual Fashion Show here in Kansas City. What a big day for a little guy. Randy escorted him in the show, and looked quite dapper in his out plaid shirt, light pants, and spring green jacket. But, Tanner stole the show.

Randy carried Tanner down the stairs...and when they got to the runway, he put Tanner down. I was a bit nervous, figuring Tanner would immeidately turn to Randy and want "uuu-P", but he didn't. Instead, he walked holding daddy's finger down the runway. At the end of the runway, he waved to the crowd, and when the announcer said "and Tanner received a liver transplant in 2005" - well, the whole crowd gasped. He's just a little guy - who would have guessed?

But, the show stealer happened as Tanner was getting to depart the stage...just before he was to be picked up again, he turned back to the crowd, and blew them all a big kiss. Of course, there was a collective "ahhhh" in the crowd. And, the rest of the night, wherever we went, we heard "there's the little boy who blew the kiss".

I have to admit a few tears while I watched him up there...partially because of the liver transplant, and partially because he's growing up so darn fast.

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