Sunday, April 16, 2006


We called 9-1-1 today in our home for the first time for a "true emergency".

We were eating lunch today - a very healthy Easter Feast including Peas & Carrots, leftover pizza, cheetos, and the candy-coated Kisses (yummy & nutritious, huh?). I went to give Morgan her medicine, and when it went down, something went wrong.

I'm not sure if it took something with it - or if it went down the wrong pipe. But, she started choking, coughing, sputtering...and this continued, and her eyes watered, and she turned blue. She gagged, she threw up, and was even bluer.

She then passed out....

That was when I yelled to Randy to call 9-1-1. I snapped her out of the high chair, wiped her face, pounded on her back, and she started to gradually wake up. Still coughing and with some crackling in her lungs.

A few minutes later we had a sheriff here (he was only a few blocks away) - followed by the DeSoto Volunteer Squad, the Johnson County rescue fire department, the EMT, and another sheriff. The neighbors have got to wonder what happened.

Because I believe the Cheetos were to blame, they are currently banned from my house.

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Laurie said...

Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap. Poor Morgan! And Mommy, Daddy, Tanner...