Friday, April 21, 2006

The End of an Era (I think)

Tonight was the last bottle of milk that my twins will receive at nighttime.

I was going to take away this part of the night time ritual right after their first birthday. When I mentioned it to my mother (who rarely comments on our parenting methods), she full out let me have it. "They were just babies - how could I take their nighttime bottle away!?!?" So, they kept their bottle.

Now, almost a year later, everyone is shocked that we still give them a bedtime bottle. What can I was an easy routine. Every night, we'd eat supper, bathe them (on Sundays, Wednesday, & Fridays), put on Pajamas, play and read books, and then it was bedtime. For almost the last year (since they've been holding their own bottles), Daddy would lave them on a pillow and then lay in between them while they drank their bottle. After they finished off their bottles, they'd drift to sleep - it was an easy routine.

But, two weeks ago, it became apparent that Morgan didn't need her bottle. She'd drink a bit of it - and then start playing with it. Biting on the nipple to keep milk from leaking - or freely letting it dribble down her chin. Then, one night I went to take the bottle from her, and 1/2 the nipple had been bitten off.

We waited until this weekend because daddy had his PE test today...we anticipate a few long nights while they adjust to not having a bottle. And, we'd prefer those sleepless nights happen after that test.

I know Daddy will miss the tiem he gets to spend with his babies - that was his time to lay with them, let them touch his face or hold his hand while they drank their bottles. After bottles, they'd snuggle up with him...sometimes by his side, sometimes on top of his chest.

Goodbye, Bottles.

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