Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cracked my heart

Tanner's transition to his big boy bed has gone fairly well. He stays in bed until we go down to get him up (thank you, daycare!). However, he does have a bit more freedom in this bed.

Case in point...last night. I kept hearing a "thud thud thud". At first, I thought it was one of our younger neighbors driving by with their bass a little too loud. Then, I noticed it happening at frequent intervals. I finally figured out, that this was actually Tanner laying on his bed and KICKING the adjoining wall.

Trip 1. "No Tanner, we don't do that".

Trip 2. "Tanner, what did mommy say - quit kicking the wall"

Trip 3. "Tanner, it's time to go to bed, please do not kick the wall"

Trip 4. "Tanner, mommy asked you not to kick the wall. If you kick the wall again, mommy will have to spank you."

Trip 5. "Tanner, mommy told you not to kick the wall". Spanking.

Tanner erupted into a puddle of tears and sobbed. This continued for about 10 minutes until he finally fell asleep around 9 p.m. (two hours after his bedtime).

About 2 a.m., Tanner woke up sobbing again. I went downstairs, and he got out of bed and wrapped his arms around my neck and sobbed, "I'm sorry, mommy".

Cracked my heart...

I'm sorry, too, Tanner.

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Laurie said...

Sheesh! I'M crying! What a dude.