Friday, May 29, 2009

Make-A-Wish - Day 3

Today was Day 3 of our vacation - we headed to the San Diego Zoo. A good choice since the weather continues to be overcast, misty, and cool. At least at the zoo there are very limited chances of getting wet.

We kept telling ourselves - oh, the San Diego Zoo can't be much worse than the Colorado Springs zoo in terms of hills / pushing strollers. Boy, were we wrong! There are hills (STEEP hills) everywhere - my arms & legs are both sore from pushing my free loading kids around in their strollers today.

The zoo was nice - incredibly beautiful grounds. The animals were great - we enjoyed the Panda bears, Koala bears, & hippos most of all. All of these are animals that we haven't had much exposure to in at our other favorite zoo haunts. The polar bears were sleeping - otherwise, I think that would have been an incredible exhibit.

We got up close & personal with the hippo. Morgan was standing along side the glass where you can peer into the Hippo Pool - and the Hippo came right up to look at her.

The pandas were so wonderful to see. We got to watch the 23-month old eat bamboo and climb around. Morgan fell in love with it. She & Tanner both ended up with a stuffed Panda bear at the end of our trip.

We also got to tour the newly opened elephant odyssey. Very nice facility - impressive engineering of the elephant sturctures, too. Overall, though, I think St. Louis has a better elephant exhibit than San Diego.

We skipped the giraffes (when you're used to feeding them at the Colorado Springs zoo - seeing them just isn't too exciting). Colorado Springs also has a better Okapi exhibit, river otters, & wolf exhibit. You can't beat St. Louis' penguin exhibit & probably elephant exhibit.

Don't get me wrong - it was a great zoo, but we'll wait to go back until the kids can power themselves through it.

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