Thursday, January 10, 2008


Yes - I'm still here. Just slowly making the transition to the new home, new office, new position, and all that jazz.

Some days I think that I am doing ok...and then days like today hit and it's hard. I talked to our old neighbor today - damn, I miss them. This is the mom of the 3rd Amigo. They were there to bail us out whenever the kids became too much - and we did the same for them. We shared common values - goals - and our kids would have gone to school together. That's hard.

She told me what the new neighbors had done to our house....that's hard.

But...we're making this house home. I'm still stealing internet from our neighbors, but we hope to get that done this weekend. We hope to get some more boxes unpacked, maybe some pictures on the wall. Slowly, as we fill the house, it feels more like a home.

We're adapting to the elevation - and I made our first calls today to find a pediatrician for the kids.

We're getting our routine established. Thsi was our first week back at work. Randy's commute is long - and sometimes very trying. He's going to shift his work hours 30 minutes and see if that will help his commute.

The kids and I are getting settled into the drop-off & pick-up routine. Since I'm closer to the kids and work, that's my responsibility. It's going well so far. It only takes me 10 minutes to get to their school - 10 minutes to get them inside, unpacked, coats off, checked in, & ready for the day - and another 10 minutes to my work. Not too shabby.

We're getting there - slow and steady wins the race, right?

But...I still miss home...


geenalyn said...

i was just thinking about you guys the other day. it sounds like you are slowly settling in....i hope that your new house begins to feel like home soon and that you all make new friends like you had before

Laurie said...

Glad everyone is settling in. I need your new phone number so I can stalk YOU!