Wednesday, August 22, 2007

On The Farm

At least once a year, Randy & I try to take the kids to his Uncle's House to spend some time on "the farm". We managed to sneak out last year for an anniversary. At that time, the kids got to chase after the cows, and we snapped this picture.

It's amazing how much the farm changes from year to year. They've had a lot of rain this year. It's much greener, the green, short vegetation you see in this picture is as tall as the kids are these year. There is no lack of feed, so the cows are further away from the house. None the less, the kids had a blast doing all the "fun" things on the farm.

Morgan was SO excited to see the cats. Thank goodness for cousin Joey who worked for weeks to tame a couple of kittens so Morgan could play with them.

Tanner helped feed & water the cats.

Then, he was ready to do other fun things. Like ride in the big red truck...

"Driving" the yellow tractor:

Where's Morgan? Oh, yeah, with the cats...

Checking out the combine:

Walking the farm with Uncle Randy (love this shot) :
Taking a 4-wheeler ride out to the pasture to see the cows (see all that green behind them, that's the same pasture from last year's picture):
And where was Morgan? Still with the cats... she didn't spend the ENTIRE time with the cats. We did pry her away for a few minutes to check the combine and ride out to the pasture. But 90% of the time...yep, she was with the cats.

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Laurie said...

Ooooh. I'm sending her a KITTEN for Christmas! BWAHAHAHAHAHA. That's JUST what y'all need!

Love the pictures! They are SO BIG! Where did Little Tanner and Morgan go?

Yay for pictures!!