Thursday, August 30, 2007


Tanner has a horrible fear of dogs. We think it may have stemmed from our neighbor's German Shepherd who passed away last year. This dog was wonderful with children, but her wagging tail had a habit of knocking Tanner over a time or two.

So, it shouldn't of surprised us that Tanner was frightened of dogs. But, we didn't realize how terrified of them he was. When we went to Denver in July, Tanner spent the day with Aunt Sherry. Well, more specifically with Aunt Sherry's kitchen counter. He was so scared of the dog that he wouldn't get down off the countertop. Morgan, our animal lover, absolutely adored the dog. She spent the day laying on the floor, petting Huney, and feeding her Scooby snacks.

So, as Randy's trip to Denver approached, Morgan kept asking if he would get to see "Aunt Sherry, Uncle Al, and Huney". And, when we called Daddy in Denver, she always inquired about Huney.

Early Tuesday morning, the kids ran upstairs to say hi to daddy - even though he was in the shower.

Morgan's first question was "Daddy, did you bring Huney home with you?"


"Where is she?"

"In the closet."

In the next instant, the shower door was open and a terrified Tanner was hopping in the shower with Randy - pajamas and all.


Laurie said...

Poor kid! Hahahaha...that is so funny!

Mikaila said...

Poor boy! But oh, how funny! I love reading stories of the things your kids say and do. Three may be a hard age but it sure is a funny one. :o)

Amy said...

HAHAHAHAHA! That made me laugh out loud.