Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Sign that My Kids Might Watch too Much TV

We've been working with Tanner & Morgan to use their manners. To us, this includes saying "Please" and "Thank you".

Today, Tanner came up to me and asked: "Mommy, can you help me?"

"Tanner, I need to hear the Magic Word"

"Meeska....Mooska...Mickey Mouse"

Ok - not those magic words.


Tonya said...

ROFLMAO... OMG I would have laughed so hard I would have pee'd my pants.. lol

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Well, they are magic words.

Tenille said...

thats really shouldnt be watching any TV until they are a bit bigger then your kids. and to think they are watching so much TV that they subsititute a cartoon phrase for "please"

Stacy said...

tenille -

Actually, the ironic part is that my kids watch very little TV. They get to watch 30 minutes - 1 hour PER WEEK. They have never watched a full length movie, and they do not watch any kind of videos at their daycare. The only show they currently watch is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - on Saturday morning.

And, why did he substitute it for please? Because usually we ask "how do you ask for something nicely", not "what is the magic word". The only times he's ever heard a reference to magic word is during that show.