Friday, May 04, 2007

He's a Sneaky One

The kids turned three, and we decided it was time to enforce some tough love. That's right - pottytraining, cold turkey!

Well, not completely cold turkey. Morgan has done well with the potty training thing for quite some time. She recently (and gratefully) mastered pooping in the potty. However, she LOVES her Pull-Ups and would prefer to wear those over regular underwear anyday. So for her, not too much of a change.

Tanner has been doing pretty well with pottytraining the last few months. He'll surprise us and stay dry when we do things like go to St. Louis or Disney World, but wouldn't stay dry around the house or at school. We decided to stick with pull-ups for awhile, and that we would make the hard push after their third birthday.

On Tuesday, I put Tanner in his Cars underwear, and packed 8 outfits including an extra pair of shoes, and shipped him off to school. When we picked him up on Tuesday afternoon, dry. Repeat that scene on Wednesday. New underwear but same clothes on Thursday (a slight poopy accident). Completley fine on Friday.

The Boy is a sneaky one. He's led us to believe this entire time that he wasn't fully pottytrained, where deep down, I just don't think he wanted to let us know that he could it. I think it was his way of controlling us...(Or maybe I've just been watching too much Dr. Phil...)

I'm on to you, Mister...

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Tonya said...

YAY Congrats on the training and I had to LMAO @ the controlling you and watching too much Dr Phil!!