Saturday, May 19, 2007


Last night, we welcomed the newest member to my family - my nephew, Brayan Donald. I have been so excited that my "little" brother and sister-in-law were expecting. My sistter-in-law had the perfect pregnancy - she was working, and things were going very well.

And then...yesterday morning at work, her water broke and she went into active labor. They werent' able to stop her contractions, and Brayan was delivered last evening somewhere around 7:30 p.m. He weighed in at a mere 2 lb 7 oz - but was 15-3/4 inches long. By my best calculations, Brayan was about 29 weeks gestation - born 11 weeks before his due date.

He did well for awhile, but they did have to put him on a ventilator this morning. They've been adjusting the settings, and he's down to room air on the ventilator, so that is a good sign. My guess is that he'll be on it a few more days before they try to take him off of it.

I'm so sorry for my nephew because he has a long road ahead of him - pricks, pokes, tests, eye doctor appointments - it's not fun at all. And, I feel so badly for my brother and sister-in-law. No parent should have to go through the NICU roller coaster, to have to learn about blood gasses, ROP, PDA, Apnea spells, Brady spells, anemia, RDS, or any of the other things that goes along with it. I think my brother and sister-in-law are shell shocked right now. They had no reason to think my sister-in-law would go into premature labor...and it happened so fast.

I'm going to go up and spend a day with my sister-in-law in the NICU on Tuesday. Lend some support, and hopefully some knowledge. I also checked my Mommy's box, and found 3 preemie outfits I'm willing to part with. That combined with the six I picked up at Children's Orchard (a resale shop), and he should be set for the near future.

The good news...this little boy is part of a lineage of fighters - and I know he'll be just fine. Welcome to the family, Brayan.


Laurie said...

Welcome, sweet Brayan! Keeping your family in my prayers, Stacy. I know your sister-in-law will be grateful to have you with her.

Tonya said...

Welcome Brayan.. Also keeping your family in my thoughts!! Having you there for her Im sure will mean the world to her.. someone who has been through it!

Amy said...

Will keep him in my prayers. I know all too well what they're going through.