Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Weekend Update

We spent the past weekend at my parent's house. Unfortunately, we are rarely there for more than 36 hours. So, it's relatively a quick trip. But, since my parent's live in nowhere Iowa, we like to find things that we can do with the kids. This weekend's project was coloring Easter Eggs - and a birthday party (my sister-in-law is getting married their birthday weekend, so we won't be able to celebrate then & this was our only weekend to either go to Iowa or have Grandma & Grandpa come here).

I didn't realize that Easter Eggs would be so much fun with the kids this year. Here is a picture of us getting all set up - please note the clean work surfaces.

The kids dug right in. Tanner loved scooping the eggs out of the dye and making all different colored eggs.

Morgan, on the other hand, would only make PINK eggs.

Both grandma & I were surprised at how quickly the eggs disappeared. But, it was somewhat exabberated by the fact that once Morgan realized our supply was limited, she would dunk the eggs and put them in her pile as quickly as could be.

Thankfully, we figured out Tanner could redye the pink eggs and make a cool purple. Morgan even agreed to share some of her eggs in this endeavor.

And then, it was time to clean up. The kids were very good about helping wipe up the tables - notice how messy Tanner got in this process.

That night, we had the twins' and cousin Katelynn's belated birthday parties. I don't think that any of the three of them minded celebrating early (or late in Katelynn's case). Here they are with their (egg-free) cupcakes.

And, enjoying the goods...


Amy said...

They look sooo BIG!

Tonya said...

those pics are great!! looks like they had loads of fun :)

Lainey-Paney said...

My son has that same red striped shirt!
...he also has it in green...