Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Calling All Drives

We need some feedback!

About a year and a half ago, we purchased a Chevy Venture minivan. While it has met our needs, we haven't been that enthusiastic about it. And, lately, we've been downright irritated with the wind noise that the dealership can never replicate - and thus never repair. It's one of those nails-on-chalkboard-make-you-gouge-your-eyes-out sounds.

Last weekend, Randy made a comment about it wouldn't break his heart when we got rid of this vehicle - and I had been thinking the same thing for awhile. We've recently come to grips with the fact that this will be a 4-person family. While we occasionally need to haul an additional person (maybe 2 - 3 times/year) - it really doesn't justify keeping a vehicle that we don't like.

So, this time, we're trying to do a little more research. We've been researching at Edmund's & Consumer Reports, checked insurance rates on different vehicles - and we've kind of decided what we like. But, no one we know has a similar vehicle - so we don't have any in-person folks we can ask.

So, to our internet friends - any input?

Two of our finalists (and we are definitely open to test driving some more):

Toyota RAV4

Nissan Murano

I personally think the Murano is a bit sportier looking, but the RAV4 has some better safety features. As far as price - they aren't that different and with special Nissan incentives, the Murano may be a bit cheaper overall.

Please - give us some feedback!


Gala said...

I don't have any experience with any of these 2 vehicles.

The look... I like toyota more. I agree that nissan does have more slick look but for some reason its shape reminds me a bulldog.

Finally why I posted... Have you considered Honda Odyssey van. It's not that sharp looking but I just read a lot of good recommendations for the vehicle from moms with bigger families. Check here the discussion: http://forums.twinstore.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/20060019/m/58010519831

Good luck!

Mir said...

The Odyssey van is great. We have the Town and Country and it's my pride and joy. More room for my bikes, AND we can fit the double jogger and our full size Graco stroller in the trunk without a hassle.

I like the Murano better, but I have to tell you if you can wing it, look at the Acura MDX. It's well worth the price and now that we're talking about #3, my hubs has started measuring the back seat to see how he can fit a third car seat in....he doesn't want to get rid of it!!

Good luck!

Tonya said...

no experience here but they both look good.. lol Ihope you get one that you love this time around :)

Anonymous said...

Go with the Toyota.

If you want to buy American then Chrsyler - but they are on the auction block - no one knows what will happent ot he company if it is sold.

Toyota has surpassed some of the American Auto makers -

While the Nossan might be the better deal - Nissan has no business making trucks -

Toyota is good at it and is known for quality.