Thursday, December 28, 2006


I'm not sure if this is a twin thing...or just a girl/boy thing...or a toddler thing...or what. But, it's driving me nuts.

Morgan is our vocal child. She started talking earlier and has always been much clearer and more outspoken than Tanner. For the longest time, Tanner would let her talk for him.

We finally cleared that hurdle - although Tanner is still in pretty extensive speech therapy. He understands but is not very intelligible when he speaks.

He's getting better - and now we have a problem. He is constantly provoking his sister. Whenever we drive anywhere - he will say something to annoy her. Today, he kept saying "Geek", "Geek", "Geek". (We can only assume he picked up this word from daycare.)

While that is annoying, worse is Morgan sitting there saying "Tanner called me a geek" or "Tanner said no" or "Tanner did __________". We've tried to tell her that she didn't need to tell us what Tanner does, and she came home last week saying "I'm not a tattletale" (again, the daycare).

Is this reporting phase something all toddlers go through? Is it unique for twins to fight like this (I always picture it so rosy)? Do other twins face this battle where one child is so much more vocal than the other - and then the other gets left behind?

Any input / advice is welcomed!

Update on the week: Morgan threw us a curveball and was home sick yesterday. She had a raging ear infection - it go so bad that she actually had blood oozing from her left ear (eww....). Poor thing is on ear drops, another antibiotic, and tyleonol for pain.

1. Tax review is done
2. Santa havoc clean-up is nearly complete
3. Kids' room cleaning is done
4. Christmas decorations - the outside lights are down, the trees are undecorated, but we still need to take them and some miscellaneous lights down
5. Errands are run
6. and that may be postponed
7. Volunteering - done
8. Working out - slowly getting back into the swing of it
9. Still on target for this weekend.


Tonya said...

glad to hear you are getting things done :) Sorry I cannot be of help with your other problem but hopefully some BTDT mums can help out :)

G said...

I'm not sure if the speech issue is a twin thing, but we have it here as well. Melyssa was always vocal even as a baby...she started talking early, forming sentences and even telling knock knock jokes. Juleigha was always my quiet baby, she would never even cry unless she was really upset...she always just waited till we could get to her, she didn't even really babble much. She's been in speech therapy since she turned 2, she has apraxia of speech. She's come a long way since then and she can say a lot of things (not always correctly) but at least i can understand her now which is great.
As for the reporting phase...i don't think its something all toddlers go thru, i don't remember my first born doing it, but Melyssa is my big time informant. She'll tell you exactly what is happening and who did what to whom lol. And my girls fight with each other too...they are the best of friends 95% of the time, but they also know how to get on each others nerves too.

Laurie said...

Anthony's going through a tattling phase, too. He'll say, "Daddy told me some words!", meaning that Mark fussed at him for something. And he likes to give us a run down on what any one person is doing. Hopefully this finishes soon!

Sorry to hear about Morgan's ear. Hoping she's feeling better now!