Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas +1

Phew...we made it through the holidays. It's been a big weekend. Grandma Red & Grandpa Elmer came out early to beat the blizzard. So, they were hear from Wednesday night through Monday night. That's five whole days. And, folks, that is a long time.

The kids were spoiled, and they were really sad when they figured out the grandparents were gone for good. We're having a hard time getting the kids adjusted back to "normal" life. Especially when this isn't a normal week. Randy & I took off the week, and we're getting things accomplished.

This include:

1. Doing a quick assessment of year-end taxes ~ I absolutely hate owing the goverment anything or having them owe me anything. So, each year, I cut it pretty close, and when we get to year end, I do a quick check to figure out where we are at - and what needs to be done to not owe any taxes (make an extra house payment or pay the second half of our property taxes). It's a game to me, in a sick, sad way.

2. Cleaning up after the havoc that Santa (and the grandparents) wrought. The kids did well this year ~ a play kitchen, play tool bench, a railroad table, matchbox cars & rug, animals galore, large cars / tractors/ semis. And, all of this stuff takes room. We're purging, and headed to Good Will later this week.

3. Cleaning - while purging the kids' bedroom and toy room (both kids sleep in one bedroom, and we use what would be Tanner's bedroom for a toy room), we do a pretty deep cleaning. We clean the windows, the basebooard, wipe off everything on the wall, the baseboards, fan, light fixture, doors, etc. We even went through clothes and got rid of some items that don't fit, or aren't practical now (potty training makes onesies obsolete).

4. Taking down the Christmas decorations. I put them up early, and I take them down early. If it were up to me, I'd probably leave them up for a few more weeks, but realistically, when mid-January hits, we're busy and we've got time now.

5. Things you just can't seem to get done with a full-time job. The cars are going in for oil changes & tire rotations this time around. Some shopping and general errand run sans kids.

6. Getting ready for next year. We do a thorough update at the end of each year. New file folders, back-up of comptuer data, scanning in of tax receipts, creating new files for next year.

7. Volunteering. Randy & I don't get an opportunity to give back often. So, we get to spend 1/2 a day on Thursday helping out an organization that we are really excited about. I'm not sure what they have in-store for us, but we are looking forward to giving back some.

8. Working out. We're getting a jump on our New Year's resolution. We've been members of a fitness center for awhile, but we haven't gotten in the groove like we would like to. So, we're focused on getting to the gym each morning this week, and really enjoying things - without worrying about getting called to the kid's gym for a diaper change.

9. Catching up with old friends. We get to go to Wichita this weekend and celebrate New Year's with some good friends of ours.

I'm exhausted - and the week has just begun. I'll be looking forward to work next week!

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Tonya said...

wow sounds busy.. also sounds like a great christmas for the kids :) Glad you had a good one!