Tuesday, December 05, 2006

84 Hours and Counting

When I picked Morgan up from daycare last Friday, they anxiously asked if we were planning on switching Morgan to panties anytime soon. It seems that she was discarding her diaper and making frequent bathroom stops all day Friday.

I warned them that we thought she was close to ready, but she hadn't done #2 in the toilet before, and we were a little leary of this. Ms. K is back from maternity leave, and she assured me that this wasn't going to be a problem and to send her.

So, all weekend, we worked on potty training. And, we've had great success - even when we were "out & about" town for 4 hours, she remained dry, and we only had one set of 4 bathroom trips (we were at Rainforest cafe, I think part of it was to see all the different animals). And, she's been all day Monday & Tuesday at daycare without an accident yet.

The problem? Since we put here in panties around 11 a.m. on Saturday - she hasn't had a bowel movement. We thought some new ashtma meds might be the culprit, but their side effects are diaherra, not constipation. I can only guess that she is so focused on not messing up her pretty panties, that she is holding it in.

I'm a little fearful for the poor soul who is around when she erupts...

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Anonymous said...

wow she is doing soo good! Wtg Morgan.. Randie is so not interested in the potty at all right now but we keep trying :)