Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Random Post about our Growing Toddlers

It's started...the questions.

Two weeks ago on our way home from Iowa, Morgan turned to my husband and asked, "Daddy, what happened to Baby Einstein?"

It's been so interesting watching Morgan's speech patterns emerge over the last month. She's gone from putting together two words here and there, to telling us complete sentences, and using words we didn't even realize that she had.

She now questions us - pauses in her conversation where she is expecting a response from us - and tells us long stories. She knows very specifically want she wants, and she beginning to use words like "need" and "want".

She's beginning to use logic and reason things. This weekend when something wasn't working, she took it to Randy and told him "Daddy, battries please". Every day, we have to tell her who will drop her off at school and which vehicle they will be driving and who will pick her up. She'll try to negotiate, "mommy drive black car", when she knows that daddy always drives the black car. It's really fun to watch this pattern emerge.

Tanner is getting there - his speech is most definitely delayed, and we are workign with a speech therapist. His understanding is there, and he's starting to put words together. I think he's realistically about 2- 3 months behind Morgan.

In about 2.5 weeks, Tanner & Morgan will begin their transition to the "big kids" room. Our Montessori based preschool has 3 ages groups - infant (6 wks - 12 months), Toddler (walking - 2.5 years), and Preschool (2.5 years - 5 years). I'm excited for the transition because I think the kids need the stimulation developmentally - and I think being around the older kids will give them good speech patterns to imitate and mimick.

I know that Morgan will take to it just fine. She loves playing with older kids - and just wants to be one of them. Tanner, I'm more worried about. Physically he's further behind than Morgan. And, at only about 24 pounds a piece, they are definitely on the small side. Imagine those same 24-pounders playing with 4 - 5 year olds...

Now, our real dilmea is whether or not to separate the kids. Do we put them in separate classrooms? It would really benefit Tanner more than Morgan - he'd be free of Morgan who has been bossing him around. He'd have to speak for himself. And, when he isn't around her (Friday), I'm told that he totally came out of his shell and blossomed. I want them to be close and best friends, but I really want them to be independent, too.

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Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Ian is always behind Claudia when it comes to verbal development too.

This year I put them in the same class. They haven't started yet, but I figured it would be an easier transition into school. I was just going to wait and see how they did.

I think I would seriously consider splitting them up, in your case. It sounds like it could be really good for Tanner.