Monday, August 07, 2006

It's All About Presentation

In my previous post, you'll note our attempts to bribe our children with cookies to get them to eat vegetables.

Now, my husband and I both work, so cooking a good, nutritious supper means that we don't usually have fresh fruits and vegetables. (Hence, when I turn on the microwave, my kids start saying "Mommy cooking!") Tonight was no exception, I had thrown a very convenient microwavable bag of frozen veggies into the microwave.

When they were done, I placed a few carrots, peas, brocolli & water chestnuts on each of the kid's plates (along with some grapes and meatballs). Tanner threw a crying, bawling fit. Wouldn't touch the veggies - and would only eat the grapes.

After feeding them, Randy & I sat down to eat. I brought the Microwavable Bag of veggies to the table, put some on my plate, and then passed them to the Hubby in front of the boy. Tanner immediately reached inside of the bag and proceeded to eat about 10 pieces of carrots from the bag.

It's all about presentation...

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