Sunday, August 27, 2006

One is SOOOO Easy

Friday, Morgan got another set of ear tubes in. At 7 a.m., we loaded up Tanner and dropped him off at the daycare, and then proceeded to the outpatient surgical center.

Morgan did very well through the whole thing (besides a slight bout of screaming when she first spotted the ENT - she's terrified of him). She colored in the waiting room, proudly announcing each color as we'd swap them out. When we went back to the pre-op room, she clung to my neck, but was cute reading for the nurses. And, in recovery, she was snuggled to the nurse when we came back there. Again, she behaved like an angel the entire time.

We came home afterwards, and Morgan got to spend the day with mommy. She hung out on the sofa, ate crackers and cookies, and drank some 7Up. She then took a 4 hour nap (anesthesia is marvelous - we're looking for some during our next extended car ride).

And, she did all of this without fussing, whining, or putting up any kind of a struggle. No fights over the yellow marker at the doctor's office, which coloring book each child go to use, no asking one to stop doing something only to have the other one start the behaviour. About 1 o'clock in the afternoon, it hit me - this is what it's like to have singletons.

Wow...I know that this was only one day, but wow. It was so easy. I was able to do laundry, cook supper, clean some house, go shopping, and work - all that with one child. With two children, you are constantly refereeing, entertaining, feeding, and changing diapers. It's much more than twice the effort - as you are also stopping all the behavior that occurs because of the fact that they feed off of each other.

Now, I understand while people have multiple pregnancies...they're lured into the thought that "hey, this isn't so bad".



Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

HA! I have felt the exact same way.

If Gabe takes Ian out to get a haircut and it is just me and Claudia I can accomplish so much! Laundy, cooking, cleaning, quality time, reading - it's amazing.

Have you ever gone shopping with just ONE of them? It's almost fun.

People that have one baby at a time will never understand why we're so crazy. We didn't get the time to adjust to parenthood with a baby.

Laurie said...

Snort. Life with just one isn't always roses and candy! You know that, of course. Funny post!

Glad Morgan's OK and that all went well.