Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Question: What is 17?

Answer: How many hours will the twins be in daycare before one of them pick something up?

I got a call at 3:45 this afternoon - Morgan was throwing up, although she was acting fine. So, I went and picked them up (I usually go at 4:00, so it wasn't that early). We came home, and she seemed to act fine although a little lethargic.

We decided to give the kids a bath. I undress, get out the pajamas, lay out clothes for tomorrow, pick up, etc and daddy does the tub work. Shortly after putting Tanner down to "go to Daddy", he ran up to Daddy and promptly started peeing on him.

After bathtime, Morgan rocked with me for awhile, and then went to Daddy and wanted "up". As he held her there, I looked at her and thought "uh oh". As I got to them with a towel in hand, Morgan threw up all over Daddy.

So, Daddy had the unique opportunity to be pissed on and puked on in one night.

Now, my only question - what are the odds that The Boy won't catch this bug?


Laurie said...

OK. While that's REALLY NOT FUNNY that Morgan is sick, I'm KILLING MYSELF laughing at Randy's misfortunes. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

I really hope that Morgan is doing better and that Tanner doesn't pick this up.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

About 1 in 1 billion.


Amy said...

See--this? This is exactly what I'm scared of when we start in August.