Saturday, June 24, 2006

No More Guessing

Morgan has had a cold this last week. And, in true preemie fashion, Morgan's colds go straight to her chest and are very difficult for her to kick.

Last night, she was up on & off all night. Crying to be held - and then saying she just wanted her "crib". We did this battle from 2:22 until 5:30 when I finally let her get up and watch Sesame Street (why is it on that early!?!?).

At breakfast around 6:15, big tears started coming from her eyes - big ol' crocodile hurts and she looked up at me and said "Mommy ear hurts".

My first thought - was oh, crap. We had tubes put in her ears in August '05 - and she's done great since then. It's apparent that they aren't working now (as confirmed by the Urgent Care doctor).

My second thought - YIPPE - no more guessing what she's crying for. She can actually tell me what's wrong now.

This should make things so much easier.


Laurie said...

Yeah. It is easier when they can tell you what hurts.

Stinks about Morgan's ears. We're going to schedule Anthony's tube replacement soon. Poop.

Hope everyone else is well!

Tonya said...

Oh that is fantastic that she can tell you what was wrong!! YAY!! Sorry she is having a problem though and hope it all gets sorted out soon :)