Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Dad

Since the kids aren't going to be in preschool during Father's Day, they did an ice cream social with dad tonight. They had prepared a small story about their dads along with a picture they drew. Here's the story:

My Dad by Morgan

I love my dad, his name is Randy. I fly kites with him and we got work out and I love to play games with him like MarioCart. My dad has a blue coat and he has white shoes and he has skin and he has a big bedroom and he sleeps with my mom. My dad calls me "mo mo" and when I was a baby, he called me "no no" because I was always doing things I shouldn't. My favorite thing to do with my dad is eat pizza. Ice cream is his favorite food. He is really good at playing the ghost game. I love my dad because he always has time to play with us and he fixed the ball game so I can hit the ball really hard now.

My Dad by Tanner

I love my dad because sometimes we go to the aquarium and one time we saw a lion. I love him because he gives me snacks. My dad's name is Randy, I call him "Daddy". He looks like big and that's it. My dad is really good at working and playing with us. We have a Disney clubhouse and Mickey helicopter that he plays with us. Sometimes, I take a nap when he is working. He doensn't like to take naps. Outside, we play Frisbee, we have two and two soccer balls. He sends e-mails to his friends. Daddy has a saw that he cuts some wood with. Daddy is smart because he thinks of things. He likes to watch Colonel Klink on TV. I want to know how he gets in bed, I never saw him get in bed.

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Laurie said...

How sweet!

"He looks like big and that's it." LOVE IT!!!