Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow Days

We got 5 - 6" of snow on Monday. The kids have been anxiously awaiting playing in the snow this year, so we let them at it on Tuesday. Good thing - after 50 F days this week, it's LONG gone!

And, for some reason, this picture:

Reminds me of this picture:

(Yeah, I know, I have no clue what the reference is to polymers...blame Google)


geenalyn said...

Is that a picture of your backyard?? Because if it is, I've got serious backyard envy. I would love to have a huge yard for the kiddos....ours is the size of a postage stamp...

Laurie said...

Love the pics! FINALLY! :)

Jealous of the snow, but not of the cold weather that must be to produce said snow.