Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's a Twin Thing

I updated about Tanner's condition in my last post, but I'd be forgetting half the story if I didn't talk about Morgan, too.

When you have twins, you have a pair. They are the same age - so typically they get to do the same things and spend so very much time together. Mine have only physically been apart a handful of times - they spend more time together than they do with either one of us.

As we explained to Tanner what an MRI would entail, Morgan was listening intently. She had many questions - how long would Tanner be asleep and would we be with him (she did not like the fact that Tanner was in the MRI by himself). Due to the timing of the MRI, we had to physically take her with us to wait in the hospital.

As I went into her classroom to pick her up on Wednesday, one of her friends had a pretend otoscope up to Morgan's head and was "looking at her brain". She also asked if pictures of Tanner's brain would be considered an x-ray.

When he was in the MRI, she had lots of questions - why, how long would it take. When we went back to his room while he was waking up, she was very distraught that Tanner wasn't awake yet. In fact, she kept asking to sit beside him - and when he did start waking up, it was probably due to the fact that she kept rubbing his back.

She continues to ask many questions about why Tanner needs the MRI. And, Friday morning when she woke up, she was crying. When I asked her what was wrong, she said that she was very worried about Tanner. We've said nothing in front of them, I can only guess that she has picked up on our mood.

We see the bond they grow older, they do things more independently, and there are times when they want to be by themselves. But, we also see this level of concern and care, frequently, too. Morgan always wants to hold Tanner's hand when we're out and about - and when they leave each other's company at daycare, they always leave with a hug and a kiss. I'm somwhat envious by that closeness that they have - and I hope that we are able to foster that love so that they'll always be built-in best friends.

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Laurie said...

Morgan, you rock as a sister for Tanner. Always be this wonderful. Love you!