Sunday, November 11, 2007


With only 9 days left on the market, our house sold yesterday. And, it sold for 97% of our listing price - so I feel like we got a good deal.

Our closing date is December 27th. That's six weeks - but we also have to find and purchase a home in Denver in that time. Not to mention that I am traveling for the next 3 weeks straight (2 weeks to Denver which will help with the home purchasing stuff).

But, it's not just that - it's all the other little (and big) stuff. Finding a new daycare for Tanner & Morgan, changing addresses, utility accounts, selling some stuff, finalizing with the movers, getting new cell phones, packing, unpacking. It's going to be a busy 6-1/2 weeks.

I don't think it's all quite sunk in yet. This house has so much sentimmental attachment, but it just hasn't hit me yet. I don't know if I've already dealt with that when we decided to list the house - or my brain is too busy making to do lists to worry about it.


halfmama said...

Congratulations! Now -- deep breaths. I know how chaotic it gets, but soon you will be in a wonderful new home, making wonderful new memories. Good luck w/everything!

Laurie said...

Holy crap! Wow! I'm going to try to call you tonight! I hope that all goes well with the house hunting and moving, etc. You know we're keeping you in our prayers!

But...I'm excited for y'all. And, um, me. There are non-stop flights from me to you...and they're CHEAP! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

PS: Any news on the conference in New Orleans????