Sunday, October 07, 2007


I had a garage sale this weekend - and it was much different than I had anticipated. I expected that the hot items would be kids clothes & toys. So not the case - but all of the household stuff is gone. That was a big relief.

So, I decided to do something charitable with the clothes. We hand down Tanner's clothes to my nephew, Brayan, but we can't find anyone to hand Morgan's clothes down to. Morgan has some beautiful clothes - and way too many. Most of them are really in great shape.

I contacted a children's shelter to see if they would accept the clothing. They only accept NEW clothes! Really? I love hand-me-down for my kids - and you won't accept them? What? These are really nice, outfits (pants, shirt, sweater, socks, headbands - OUTFITS) that are mostly Baby Gap, Gymboree, or boutique brands...Does that seem totally wrong or what?


Mir said...

Wow. That is wrong. Kinda shocking as well! Have you tried a women's shelter? Here, we do consignment on a lot of things too, because our shelters normally don't need anymore clothes donations.

Our consignment shops here either give you money, or offer you more if you use in-store credits instead. A great option for those of us who have love for hand-me-downs!!

geenalyn said...

that is just insane...makes no sense at all.

Do you have a local Freecycle group on your area?? If you do, you could join and list Morgan's clothes on there to give clothes always go super quickly on there.

Laurie said...

Well, if I HAD A LITTLE GIRL, I'd take them! :) Working on it. Working on it.

I think it's crazy that a shelter won't take clothes that aren't brand new. I guess it's so they don't have to weed through junk that others think is good clothing? Dunno!