Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Big Brother

Yesterday, Morgan came home with some scratches on her leg. She proclaimed that "Ethan did it."

This morning, on the way to school - I hear Morgan & Tanner talking.

Morgan: "Tanner, Ethan scratched me."

Tanner: "I'm going to tell Aiden." (Aiden is his best friend at school.)

Morgan: "Yeah, let's tell Aiden."

Tanner: "And then I am going to spit on Ethan."

WHOA. (insert sounds of screaching trucks coming to a halt here)

I did explain to them that hitting / biting/ spitting / kicking were not okay, and that I was sure Ethan had only accidnetally scratched Morgan.

But, deep down, I was really proud that he was protecting his sister.

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Anonymous said...

i just started reading your blog. I really enjoy it. What a good brother, always something isn't it. I also have twins Mary and Jacob. I was wondering how old yours are? Mary and Jacob will turn 3 in Nov.
Thanks so much for your blog Its nice to have some were to go were you know people have been through it or are going through raising twins.
nicole doughty nicdoughty@gmail.com