Sunday, July 15, 2007

And it only gets worse...

I've commented before on how three is worse than two (the age, not the number of children). It's only getting worse, as demonstrated by these two examples.

Morgan has now decided that "I'm big now". To her, this means that she can now get out of bed by herself. Yes, for over 3 years, Randy & I have had the children convinced to NOT get out of bed unless we come into their room and tell them they can get up. Twice today, Morgan has come upstairs without crying out or asking for us to come get her up. Hopefully the boy hasn't figured out this trick.

A few minutes ago, Randy asked Tanner to let him help blow his nose. "No, daddy, I'm big enough to do it by myself".

Three...going on thirteen.

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Tonya said...

well you have to admit that is super cute though!! lol