Saturday, January 20, 2007

How do you fold socks?

Randy & I came from similar - yet very different - backgrounds. No where has the difference in our backgrounds varied so much as how we do laundry.

When we first started dating, I offered to do his laundry for him (I worked at home during the day). That night, I proudly took his laundry to his apartment - and could tell that something wasn't right. You see, I hadn't made it so all of the shirts faced the same direction. Now, I've learned to make sure that all of the shirts face to the right when on the hanger.

Now, the other half of our laundry debate has been over how socks should be properly folded. Now is your chance to weigh in:

Option 1: Match socks, put them together nicely, fold in half - stack in draw.

Option 2: Match socks, fold the tops together, toss in any drawer / basket

How do you fold socks?


Si's blog said...

I went to the Naval Academy. We did it their way or else:
1. Match the pairs. Hide any odd ones.
2. Neatly fold the top of one into the other.
3. Remove any lint or dust from the shelf.
4. Arrange the socks on the shelf with their folded ends out neatly in front of the skivvies.
5. Pray for forgiveness.

G said...

second one....match and fold over the tops. Then if they are my socks i just toss them in a kids i have these little sock organizers in their drawers so each sock has its own little section

Laurie said...

Fold? Socks? Fold them? What's that?

Amy said...

Option 2--definitely. But they must go in the SOCK drawer, not any old drawer.

Amy said...

Now you have to tell us who does it which way...