Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Memories in Pictures

Two years ago tomorrow (Wednesday) we brought Tanner home from the NICU for the first time...

Randy wasn't able to take the day off work (he had just started a new job), so my dad accompanied me. Now, this would seem fairly "normal", except for the fact that my dad had been in a horrific accident about 7 weeks before the coming home celebration. This is what he looked like with the kids that day:

Now, you can't get the full affect of just how WEIRD my dad looked in that picture, check out this picture. Here, you can see the soft cast on his foot, his halo in full form (not covered by the yellow hospital gown, and the weird attire. Now, my dad is not the snappiest dresser, but when you are wearing a halo, your clothing options are even more limited.

Those first few weeks home with both kids were exhausting. My dad had come to stay with us for about 2 weeks. And, he was very helpful rocking and even feeding the kids - but he wasn't stable enough to carry them. So, someone (me) still had to get the kids up, change diapers, bring the kids to him...well, for the other twin parents out there, you get the picture. And, we won't even mention the night that he rocked Morgan, and when we went out to check on her about 30 minutes later she had her head wedged down between him & the pillow.

During this time, we kept the kids in a pack-n-play during the day when they were sleeping (not sure why since their nursery was 20 feet away, but it worked). It's amazing looking back and seeing how tiny they were...this is a Pack-N-Play - and they are laying in it sideways.

They always ended up laying nose to nose, and I think that is just one of those really cool twin things. We have dozens of pictures from the days of sharing a crib when we'd find that they had cuddled up and close and were sleeping like this.

And, when I look back and see how far they've come, it makes me realize just how fast they are growing up. I'm proud to see that they've come so far, and at the same time, I wish it'd all slow down just a little bit.

One year ago....

This year....


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Gabe could only get a half day off the day The Goon Squad came home from the NICU, and he had to take the half day to do the training we needed to take them home with the apnea/heart/lung monitors.

My Father-in-Law had to drive us home (since I wasn't allowed to drive because of my c-section) and the someone's monitor went off before we were even out of the hospital parking lot.

The first couple weeks were stressful seems like an understatement.

Amy said...

Ah, I remember the days of sharing the pack n play. When we first arrived home with Brayden, we placed him in the pack n play with Baylee, and he immediately scooted over to her and threw his arm around her. It is still my favorite picture of them.

Just look at those pictures and how far they've come...ahhhh.

Tonya said...

adorable... wow its amazing how far they come and how quickly!!