Sunday, May 15, 2011

Take 2

I attended a change management seminar this week. When the instructor first asked us if we liked change or not, my initial reaction was to recoil - ick, change. And, then I realized that my distaste for change was really related to some recent stuff at work - but in reality, I like change. I LOVE change. A WHOLE lot of change.

From the moment I first left home for college to my first job (call it 5 years for round numbers), I moved 13 times (that just happens to be my lucky number). Now, part of those moves were necessitated by college scholarship (thank you, AT&T). But, part of them were just me. I really didn't mind the changes in scenery.

When hubby & I decided to get married, we both changed jobs, I sold my house, we moved 150 miles, had a wedding, and bought land to build a house - all within a few weeks.

After building our home in Kansas City and studying for a year to get my professional engineering degree, I was ready for more change - it started with our decision that we were ready to "try" to have kids, and I decided to go for my MBA as well. I took my GRE & got accepted to grad school. The day after I attended the orientation session, I found out I was pregnant (little did I know that "try" would equal one month of "effort"). The day after registering for classes, I found out it was twins.

With twins, your whole life is change. And with their premature birth, we had more change than we knew what to do with for a long, long time. (Which meant an abrupt halt to the MBA program.) But, the kids are school age now...we're in a nice routine. School, summer camps, homework - life is moving along nicely.

So, of course, I'm looking for...change. And, I'm looking all different directions this time - career, school, homes.

I've enrolled for an MBA program here in Colorado. I start prerequisites June 6th. It will take me at least slightly over 2 years - maybe closer to 3 years if I take any summer or fall breaks.

I know change is not Randy's favorite thing...I just keep telling him, at least I'm not looking to change him.

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Faith said...

Love your blog, I am a mother of boy/girl twins as well...check out my blog...if you have the time!