Friday, September 28, 2007


This is the conversation that Randy & I overheard tonight as the kids were enjoying the last of their bath.

"Tanner, do you have a sore on your penis?"

"No, I don't have a sore on my penis. I have a helmet." (I have no idea where he got this from...)

"You have a helmet?"

"Yes, that is where the butterfly* bit me...and drank my blood."

So, my next question - at what age do you make boy/girl twins quit taking baths with each other?

*Now, the butterfly part I get. Whenever Tanner has to have his blood drawn for labs, they use a butterfly needle. We tell him that the butterfly is going to bite him and then drink his blood. Yeah, I know, whacked out & a little weird, but it prevents him from crying during lab sticks.


geenalyn said...

i have girl/girl twins, but their brother is only 11 mos younger. All three of them take a bath together still (they are 4 and 3) and i'm dreading the day we have to seperate them....
I think until one of them complains it should be fine

Anonymous said...

I figure I'll just let mine bathe together until they think it is uncomfortable.