Tuesday, May 01, 2007


"Morgan, you can't pee standing up!"

"Why, Daddy?"

"You're a setter, not a pointer. Girls must sit to pee." (Said in a somewhat flustered voice)

"Why, Daddy?"

This is the third time we've caught Morgan standing to pee in the last 4 days. We have stools strategically placed at the base of the toilet - she will stand on those and then lean forward and put her hands on the top of the toilet lid. This puts her at about a 45 angle - and she pees away. Amazingly, she hasn't peed on herself, the toilet seat, or the floor during this process.

In other amazing news - Tanner went to school in big boy underwear today - along with about 8 changes of clothes. He came home in the original outfit that he wore. Go, Tanner!


Lisa said...

Hi Stacy,
I found you through a comment on Holland and Eden's blog. Your "babies" are just precious! Congrats on the potty training!

I saw that a friend of yours just had her child diagnosed with PVL. I, too, am going through that right now and would love to be able to talk to another Mom who is going through the same things as me right now. If she is interested, she can email me through my blog.

I'm also on the lose the baby fat (+ 10) journey starting yesterday... good luck to the both of us!

Tonya said...

WTG Tanner... what a big boy :)

I laughed my butt off at the overheard conversation.. too funny!!

Laurie said...

A setter, not a pointer? OH GOD. MAKE IT STOP! This man should be on Comedy Central. :)

Go, Tanner! Big boy now, Mama!